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Tilbury driver Colin helps disabled man who'd fallen at sheltered housing complex

January 7, 2022 10:27am
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Home shopping driver Colin Kirven from our Tilbury store dashed to help a disabled gentleman who'd fallen in the hallway of the sheltered housing complex he was delivering to – calling 999 and looking after him until paramedics arrived before calmly completing the rest of his round.

Asda Tilbury home shopping driver Colin Kirven

Colin didn't mention his kind act to anyone until a customer came into the store to tell home shopping manager Nick Rodger all about it. Nick was so impressed he nominated Colin for an Asda customer service award.

Sixty-three-year-old Colin, who's worked at the store for 18 months, explained what happened.

He said: "I was due to do two deliveries at this particular block and this lady came running towards me asking for help as this fella had fallen over and couldn't get up.

"He was a giant of a guy, about 6ft 10in tall, and a year older than me. He'd tripped up on his door threshold on the way to his mobility scooter and fell to the ground and couldn't get up. I phoned up 999 to say that the guy was going into shock and I was really worried about him.

"I checked for any cuts and open wounds but there wasn't any. But he was ever so cold so we got some clothes for him and made him comfortable and just kept chatting to him until the paramedics arrived and checked him over and did an ECG. I was there for about an hour."

On receiving an award, Colin said: "I was chuffed and flattered, I really was. I'm a caring person, but no more than anybody else. You do what you have to do."

Nick said: "When Colin saw the man had fallen he quickly took charge of the situation. He then sat with the gentleman, showing empathy and compassion until the paramedics arrived.

"The customer who Colin was delivering to told me that she offered to stay with the gentleman so that Colin wasn't late for his deliveries, but Colin had made a connection with the poor man and he was adamant he would see the situation through. The customer was full of praise for Colin and couldn't speak highly enough of him.

"It was an amazing piece of kindness shown by Colin. He really is a great face for our company out there on the road. He even managed to make all his deliveries on time. What a guy!

"Colin's such a well spoken, friendly, warm and smiley guy and our customers love him. He always has time for a chat with them."

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