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Paramedics praise quick-thinking Asda colleague Iain for saving customer's life

January 24, 2022 05:25pm
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Asda security colleague Iain Mowbray sprang into action to save the life of a customer who collapsed outside our Livingston store.

Iain Mowbray from Asda Livingston

The man's wife ran inside to raise the alarm, and as soon as Iain saw the customer he knew he needed to act quickly – administering first aid while the lady called an ambulance.

Paramedics rushed to the scene and said Iain’s diligence had saved the customer’s life. The gentleman was taken to St John's Hospital where it was discovered that he'd had a bleed on the brain.

Thanks to Iain’s quick thinking, he recovered well in hospital and was able to leave a few days later.

Iain said: “My partner saved my life a few years ago when I had a heart attack and her quick actions meant I got the care I needed. I feel grateful that I was able to help this man.

“When I saw him, I immediately knew that something was seriously wrong, and my first aid instincts took over. I was happy to help and glad that I made a difference.”

The store's admin manager Jackie Martin said: “We are so proud of Iain, he is a true hero! Iain jumped into automatic mode and his calm exterior and clear head helped to save the customer’s life. He is very diligent and a real team player who is always looking out for his colleagues and customers. I am so glad he was on duty and able to assist.”

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