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Trafford Park colleague Ron praised for paying for regular customer's shopping

January 26, 2022 00:49pm
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Everyone at our Trafford Park store is so proud of their colleague Ron who paid for a regular customer's shopping out of his own pocket after she'd accidentally left her bank card at home.

Eighty-seven-year-old Ron, who's worked at the store for 16 years, has been nominated for an Asda service superstar award after the lady wrote to our store to thank Ron, saying that her "faith in human beings had been restored."

Ana, our store's customer trading manager, said: "The lady was hurrying to work and when she got to our store at 6.15am she realised while on the self scan that she'd left her bank card at home.

"She told Ron what she'd done and asked if he could he put the shopping away until later that afternoon, saying she would go home after work and come back – about a 45-minute round trip.

"Ron knew the customer was a regular and told her not to worry about it and paid the £42 for her shopping himself. He was very happy to help out and said the customer could return at her convenience to pay him back, which she did later that day. The customer was utterly shocked by Ron's kind act."

Grandfather-of-two Ron, who worked as an estimator for a steel company before he joined Asda, said: "I’d seen the customer in here quite a few times so I know she was a regular. I could see she was a bit distressed so I said to her ‘Don’t worry about it’ and I just scanned my card for her.

"She said her husband had taken her bank card to do something else. I said ‘Don’t rush back, it’s fine and don’t tell your husband off for pinching your card!’ She came in quick quickly afterwards and sent in a lovely letter.

“I’ve done it before too, I’m always happy to help. A customer was trying to pay with his phone and he hadn’t sorted it out and it didn’t work. He was a regular as well so I helped him.

“A few customers have come up to me and said ‘you’re a star’ after the story went viral, but I was just doing my job, keeping the customers happy so they want to come back.

“I love my job. I love the people I work with. They keep me young, they keep me on my toes and I keep them on their toes too and make sure they are behaving themselves!”

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