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Love is in the air at Asda Blackburn where four colleague couples have found romance

February 11, 2022 09:21am
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Love is in the air this Valentine's Day at our Blackburn store where four colleague couples have found love.

Valentine's Day at Asda Blackburn

The store's community champion Lynne Kozlowski said: "There's definitely something in the water! It's so nice that all these colleagues have found love at work ... everyone is so pleased for them. It really is amazing. It really is a store of love."

Produce section leader Will Gallacher, who's 39 and who has worked for Asda for 10 years, is getting married to bakery section leader Vicky Elsworth, 40, who has worked at the store for five years. The couple, pictured above, have been together for two years.

Will said: "We met through Asda! We'd known each other as colleagues for a while and when she was on the bakery and I was on bread we started talking and decided to go on a date and it went from there... and now we getting married in July. We got engaged last August and booked it in the September. We've just bought a house together too.

"It's great working together; we are the best of friends. She is just so grounded and she keeps me grounded. Our colleagues think it's great too."

Vicky said: "I can't wait for the wedding. Everything is sorted more or less. It's not a big one, just family and close friends.

"Will proposed to me in the kitchen – as he couldn't wait. He ordered the ring from a diamond place and it came recorded delivery. He was supposed to take me out for a meal but he couldn't wait. I nipped to the loo and I come back in and he just spun round on one knee with the ring and said he couldn't wait!

"We get on so well; he's so lovely. He is just an all-round nice guy. I have a child Joshua, who's eight, and he's really good with him. They get on like a house on fire."

Valentine's Day at Asda Blackburn

Click & Collect colleague Chris Almond, who's 57, is getting married to 52-year-old customer service colleague Sandra Hoyles in June. The couple, picture above, have invited Will and Vicky to their wedding and they will be going to their wedding too!

Sandra has worked at the store for 22 years and Chris has been there for five years. They have been together for three years.

Chris said: "I'd been chasing Sandra for about six to seven months and eventually she gave in and it's been history since then!

"She's funny, and she makes me laugh all the time. She's gorgeous and down to earth. I just love everything about her.

"We are really looking forward to the wedding. We are getting there slowly, but surely. We wanted to get married last year, but with everything going on we put it off for a year."

Chris proposed to Sandra on Boxing Day 2020. He said: "I got up and left the ring at the side of the bed as Sandra was asleep. I went downstairs and then when I went back up she'd seen the ring and already tried it on – so I proposed there and then and she said 'I suppose so!'"

Valentine's Day at Asda Blackburn

Forty-six-year-old Heather Robinson, who's been a service host for 20 years, has been with produce colleague Pete McAlinden for a year. The couple, above, are currently looking for a house together.

Heather said: "We've always got on and had a bit of banter and then he started messaging me and that was it really. We went out for a first date and hit it off! We kept it quiet in store for a while, and that's really hard in here!

"He's a very good cook! He's got a great sense of humour and is very laid back. He's a lovely guy who will do anything for anybody. He's such a softy!

"Because he's on produce and I'm on front end our shifts are different so we don't really see much of each other at work. He's always looking out for me though, bless him."

Valentine's Day at Asda Blackburn

Counters colleague Lauren Macintosh, who's 29, and warehouse colleague Connor Carver, who's 20, have been together for five months. Lauren has worked at the store for 13 years and Connor for five.

Lauren said: "We've known each other for quite a few years, We both liked each other, but we never told each other! My best friend is one of his best friends and we were talking and she told him that I liked him and she told me that he liked me and it went from there! He's proper funny. We have a right laugh together.

"It's really good that there are so many couples in the store. There's definitely something in the water I think!"

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