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How Asda customers choosing Fairtrade have had a positive impact on farmers and workers across the world

March 1, 2022 04:56pm
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Here at Asda, we are committed to being a better business. We do that by upholding the highest standards of honest and ethical conduct and protecting the human rights of all who contribute to our business. We work hard with our suppliers and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), like Fairtrade, to work to remove risks and create a better working environment for workers across the world.

How can you get involved?

This year we are proud to support Fairtrade Fortnight’s ‘Choose the World you Want’ virtual festival, which shines a light on the problems farmers still face, and shares how we can all play our part in the solution. From purchasing Fairtrade organic bananas, to Peruvian Extra Special coffee, and not forgetting our popular Fairtrade roses, shoppers can choose from over 40 Fairtrade products.

We are helping to promote the festival on Asda.com and using the Fairtrade Fortnight icons to highlight the event. One of the call to actions of the festival is to encourage shoppers to choose Fairtrade products as part of their shop, so Asda has made this even easier for consumers by introducing the Fairtrade aisle.

Through Fairtrade, farmers are able to improve their livelihoods by forming strong Fairtrade co-operatives, and Fairtrade farmers have the protection of a Minimum Price and additional Fairtrade Premium.

Farmers, producers, and workers spend the Fairtrade Premium – that is the extra money they get from sales of Fairtrade certified crops and products – on projects such as tree planting, irrigation, crop diversification and clean energy. Fairtrade also supports farmers to combat climate change through technical advice from expert Producer Networks – regional associations that support and represent producers in their own area.

Anna Barker, Head of Responsible Business at the Fairtrade Foundation said: “Asda customers have had an important and positive impact on farmers and workers by choosing Fairtrade products in their everyday shop. This Fairtrade Fortnight, we are calling on Asda shoppers to vote with their baskets, and choose the world they want, by choosing Fairtrade.”

Watch the video here to find out more about how Peruvian Fairtrade coffee farmers benefit from Fairtrade.

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