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Mum thanks Hyde home shopping colleague Terence for getting toddler's medicine

A young mum was so touched by the kindness of Asda Hyde home shopping colleague Terence Marsden when he went out of his way to get some medicine for her poorly toddler that she posted on Facebook to find out his name so she could say thank you.

March 3, 2022 09:58am
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Terence Marsden (r) from Asda Hyde

The mum had ordered some Nurofen for Children for her daughter, but it was out of stock so didn't come with the rest of her shopping. When Terence saw that her daughter was unwell and that it would be difficult for the mum to take her daughter out of the house he stopped off at a nearby shop on his break to buy it for her, dropping it off at her home a few minutes later.

The mum posted on the Hyde Past and Present Facebook group to say how much his gesture meant.

The mum wrote: "Just want to say a massive huge thank you to the man who delivered my shopping for Asda today. We had a little chat as I was bringing the shopping in and came to realise they didn’t send my daughter's Nurofen (she’s really poorly and he saw that too) anyway he gave me my shopping and went on his way. About 20 mins later he knocked on my door and brought me a bottle of Nurofen for her. Whoever you are you are one lovely gentleman and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️"

Her post was shared widely locally, and after she found our that Terence was her delivery driver, the mum updated her post to say: "Terence Marsden you are an amazing person❤️"

Terence, who's worked at the store for more than five years and is pictured on the right alongside his brother Matt, has been nominated for an Asda service superstar award for kindness.

Operations manager Oliver Gibson says all his colleagues are proud of him.

He said: "What Terence did is absolutely fantastic. We always try to go the extra mile for our customers, and this is superb service and typical of Terence.

"He's a great colleague and always trying to help however he can. We're all really proud of him."

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