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Asda community champions help with aid for Ukraine refugees

Community champions Leigh Dodds and Christine McWilliams from our Eastleigh and Southampton stores have been busy helping the volunteers loading essential items and supplies onto vans heading to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees.

March 24, 2022 03:09pm
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Asda Southampton and Asda Eatleigh support donations for Ukraine refugees

Leigh and Christine joined dozens of volunteers at the distribution centre run by Southampton Polish Club who were sorting out the items which had been kindly donated by the people of Southampton.

Asda Southampton and Asda Eatleigh support donations for Ukraine refugees

Here Leigh writes about the support offered by the volunteers:

"The highs of being a small part of something so amazing… the lows that it is needed in the year 2022.

"Pallets were laid out and labelled – one pallet for each item type. How quickly one box of nappies turned into a pallet full. One tube of toothpaste, one toothbrush. Every item so generously given, then sorted, boxed and labeled with love by an army of volunteers.

"Boxes taller than I am, two on each pallet filled to bursting. Each sleeping bag sent to keep someone warm. Each one a symbol of a hug sent from our arms to yours. Three pallets of hugs offering warmth and comfort… if only it could offer more.

Asda Southampton and Asda Eatleigh support donations for Ukraine refugees

"We were all called outside into the spring sunshine as this was the 21st volunteer van to head into Poland. It was fully loaded and being labelled up with Ukraine Humanitarian Aid. This load is destined for a refugee camp. The driver and co-driver were young enough to be my boys. I wished them a safe journey. We all stood clapping and cheering as they began an arduous journey.

"I was about to leave for home when a van turned up from a church collection centre. I don’t think you could have packed a matchbox into the back it was so full. I would like to say that I elegantly descended the old loading bay to assist with the unloading but there was nothing elegant about my descent.

"The van was finally empty. The driver heading back for one final load. That was me done. I didn’t want to leave but know I’ll be going back. I am a small droplet in the huge wave of love being sent ❤️."

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