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Mum's the word for Andrea and Carole who've worked together at Asda Watford for 21 years

Happy Mother's Day to mums everywhere, including Carole Willoughby and her daughter Andrea Dettmer who've worked together side-by-side at our Watford store for the last 21 years.

March 25, 2022 10:54am
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Happy Mother's Day to Carole Willoughby and her daughter Andrea Dettmer from Asda Watford

Service host Andrea, who's 56, started working at the store first, 30 years ago, while her 78-year-old mum, who works on checkouts, joined nine years later.

They are planning to celebrate Mother's Day with a special pub lunch alongside their close-knit family.

Widow Carole has three children – Andrea and her twin sister Alison and Debbie, eight grandchildren (including two sets of twins) and six great grandchildren. Andrea, who's been married to Phil for 35 years, has three grown-up children – Joe, Steven and Tom – and six grandchildren.

Carole, who now works part-time, says she really enjoys working alongside Andrea who she classes as friend as well as a daughter.

She said: "I love it! She keeps me informed of any gossip from the family, especially the little 'uns.

"Most of my regular customers know that we are mother and daughter, although the other day I was sitting on checkout and I rang for help and Andrea came over. Of course she came up sort of moaning at me – just taking the Mickey really – and when she walked off the customer just looked at me and I said, 'It's alright, it's just my daughter!'

"The customers here are very good and very friendly. You hear all their family stories and their problems.

"I live on my own, you see, as my husband Tom died 12 years ago, so I really enjoy coming into work."

Happy Mother's Day to Carole Willoughby and her daughter Andrea Dettmer who work together at Asda Watford

Andrea says she loves working alongside her mum. She said: "Everyone loves my mum here. The customers who regularly go through Mum's till know I'm her daughter as she always tells them. All my colleagues get on with her too.

"We don't really have time to chat that much at work though, so we catch up when she comes off to have her break time.

"I first started doing evenings as my kids were little and then she started and used to do all day, but she's cut it down a bit as she's got older. She loves it on checkouts. We both love it there.

"The customers love going to my mum and if she's not in they will ask me where she is and how she is. They say 'we all love your mum!'.

"Her grandchildren and great grandchildren keep her busy; she's always on the go!"

Store manager Chris Good wished Andrea and Carole a very happy Mother's Day.

He said: "I'm extremely proud to have both ladies working at my store. They both do a fantastic job."

And the store's community champion Beverley Ashdown added: "They are a very close family and are loved by colleagues and customers alike."

Happy Mother's Day to mums and mother figures everywhere. We hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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