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Three-year-old Harry loves helping out at our Sheffield store

April 07, 2022 10:58 AM

Three-year-old Harry Blagg always wants to help when he comes shopping at our Handsworth store where his grandma Sally Harrison works – and he's such a star that store manager Martin Stendall has given him a list of tasks to help with next time he's in!

Harry regularly comes into the store in Sheffield with his dad Daniel and to see Sally, so colleagues all know him and make him welcome. On a recent visit he put on an Asda T-shirt, name badge and lanyard and checked that the bananas weren't too squishy!

Shop floor colleague Sally, who has worked at the store for more than 20 years, said: "Harry is always chatting to Martin so he gave him a list of jobs he wanted help with – like sorting out the bananas and making sure they weren't too squishy, and filling up the shelves.

"He wore his T-shirt with Asda on and his lanyards and name badge. He absolutely loved helping out and the smile on his face said it all.

"Everyone loves him at the store and they always make a fuss of him. He's already got a list of jobs to do next time he is in!"

Carla Gillott, the store's community champion, says colleagues are all really fond of Harry.

She said: "Harry's such a lovely lad. He was a great little helper and He absolutely loved it. He did a great job and finished his job list. Well done Harry, you're a superstar!"