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Kind-hearted Kit saves day after older customer loses bus pass

Kit Taylor from our Swaffham supermarket saved the day when one of our older customers lost her bus pass and couldn't get home with her shopping.

April 12, 2022 08:44am
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Kit Taylor from Asda Swaffham

The lady, who was in her 70s, was becoming upset so Kit, who's a process section leader, helped her call the local bus company to see if it had been handed in which, unfortunately, it hadn't.

After 20 minutes on the phone the lady managed to get the old one cancelled and a new one ready to be sent to her home address. But the lady now needed to do her shopping quickly as she had to get back home to her husband for an appointment.

Store manager Lee Seaman, who has nominated Kit for an Asda service superstar award, said: "Kit stepped up to the challenge and helped the customer do her shopping – I think it was a 10 minute trolley dash!

"They got all the essentials she and her husband needed for the next few days but when they got to the till and paid the lady just turned and looked at Kit in horror as, with no bus pass, she'd no way of getting home as she lived six miles away.

Kit Taylor from Asda Swaffham

"The lady totally forgot to think about how she was getting home because she was in shock. She had no money for a bus or taxi as she lives to a budget and only took the money she needed. I think she had £2 on her after the shopping and was stuck with three bags and a bag of frozen items starting to defrost.

"Kit didn't think twice and called the local taxi company, passed the phone to the lady so she could let them know her address, and paid for the lady to get home."

Thirty-three-year Kit who's been at the store for a year, said: "I'm always happy to help whenever I can; I'm just programmed that way.

"The lady was getting a bit upset and panicky and I just calmed her down and reassured her. She was so very, very grateful and so thankful. I just wanted to make sure that she got home safely."

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