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We've teamed up with Blackburn Rovers to distribute Ramadan food hampers

We teamed up with Blackburn Rovers Community Trust to pay for and assemble more than 200 hampers to support local disadvantaged families this Ramadan.

April 21, 2022 04:35pm
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Asda Blackburn and Blackburn Rovers Community Trust Ramadan hampers

We donated around £6,000 of food to go in the hampers, with community champions Lynne Kozlowski from our Blackburn store and Lucia Taylor from Asda Chorley joining players Scott Wharton, Jake Batty and Will Blease, volunteers and staff to create the hampers at Ewood Park.

The hampers were distributed in the local area by Blackburn Rovers Community Trust and a number of local mosques.

Lynne said: "It was really nice forming part of the production line, and everyone was so friendly. We had pineapples, rice, pasta, cereals, chocolates, dates ... all sorts.

"I love doing things like this and seeing the community come together to help people. It's a great feeling knowing that together we're making a difference."

Asda Blackburn and Blackburn Rovers Community Trust Ramadan hampers

Rovers, who have been shortlisted for the Diversity Award at the EFL Awards, have run similar projects over the festive period in recent years, ensuring families wouldn’t go without food on their table on Christmas Day, and were keen to replicate the gesture during the holy month of Ramadan.

Kloe Tegg, Asda’s Better Communities Manager, said "We’re really proud to be working in partnership with Blackburn Rovers Community Trust to donate food items that have created over 200 hampers to support local disadvantaged families in the area during the Ramadan period."

Asda Blackburn and Blackburn Rovers Community Trust Ramadan hampers

Lynsey Talbot, Rovers’ Head of Operations, said: "As a diverse club at the heart of a diverse town, it’s important that we reach out to all parts of our fanbase and our community. This is an initiative that we dedicate a key focus to at Christmas time and so it’s only right that we replicate it during Ramadan as well.

"It’s great for the staff and players across all three sites – Ewood, the Senior Training Centre and the Academy – to come together with our Community Trust and get involved in initiatives such as this. We are a family club and so it’s part of our makeup and it’s now part of our annual calendar of events."

Gary Robinson, CEO of Blackburn Rovers Community Trust, said: "When like-minded people come together social things can happen and that’s what’s happened today. This football club was born from the community, at the heart of a working class area of the town, and without the fans and the wider community there wouldn’t be a football club, so it’s so important that we give back."

Asda Blackburn Ramadan hampers with Blackburn Rovers

As part of the initiative, Benefit Mankind – Rovers’ charity partner for the 2021-22 season – also distributed 60 food parcels to refugee families and victims of domestic violence in the Blackburn and Accrington areas.

Dr Mulla, CEO of Benefit Mankind, said: "It's been an amazing year working with Blackburn Rovers. We’ve done a lot of projects together, but this initiative for Ramadan is very important because not only have families had to face lockdowns due to Covid, but because of the recent situation with bills going up, many families in the Borough are struggling, so these food packs will be going to them, as well as refugee families and those suffering from domestic violence.

"We receive phone calls on a daily basis from families in need of urgent help. Usually we’d hear that from war-torn countries, but to hear that locally is something unheard of, so these food packs will go a long way to help these families, even if just for a few weeks, so for Blackburn Rovers and the Community Trust to generously support this is crucial at this moment in time and we greatly appreciate it."

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