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Dannii takes to the catwalk for Breast Cancer Now's fashion show

Our wonderful colleague Dannii from our Kingswood store in Hull felt like a "true queen for the day" when she took to the catwalk at the Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show in London.

April 26, 2022 00:00pm
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Cash office colleague Dannii joined 26 other catwalk models who've had a breast cancer diagnosis to take part in the annual show, which raises money for vital breast cancer research and life-changing care.

Dannii, who had a mastectomy and chemotherapy after finding a breast lump four years ago, said: "I felt so pampered and special. The outfits were beautiful and wish I could have kept them. All the make-up artists, hairdressers and runners were so nice and treated me like a model. Thank you for making me look fabulous too.

"I'm usually a jeans and T-shirt sort of person. I think the last time I wore a dress was at my wedding four years ago!

"It was lovely meeting all the other models and hearing their breast cancer stories and I've made new lifelong friends. I met celebrities such as Anna Richardson, Trinny Woodall, Cherie Blair and Ben Ofoedu who were all so nice, really down to earth and easy to talk to. I can't thank Breast Cancer Now enough for choosing me to be one of their models, I felt like a true queen for the day.

Dannii attended the event with her husband Tony, who works as a security colleague at the Kingswood store, and her 22-year-old daughter Kimberley who were her "rocks" when she was undergoing treatment.

Dannii, who's worked at the store for nearly 24 years, said: "I feel honoured that out of the many colleagues and people that have breast cancer I was chosen by Asda to have this amazing opportunity of a lifetime.

"I found out about the show from our community champion Geoff Brown who is a close friend of mine too. He said my story is amazing and needs to be heard, so I applied!"

Danni who has three other children – Bradley, 20, Liam, 14, and 13-year-old Charlotte – found her lump while having a shower.

She said: "I asked my daughter, Kim, who was just 18, to feel it as by then my mind was running away with me. I also got Tony to check when he got home. He agreed there was something there and that I should make an appointment. I saw the GP a few days after. He said it felt like a cyst but due to me just turning 40 he made me an appointment at the breast clinic for a mammogram.

"When I saw the clinic doctor he also said it felt cyst like and sent me for my mammogram. This was then followed by an ultrasound, and I was told they were going to take a biopsy. I asked why as it was just a cyst and she replied, ‘it’s not a cyst, sweetheart it’s a lump’. I remember seeing Tony’s face drain of colour.

Dannii with husband Tony and Kimberley

"When I came out, I had to sit back in the waiting room. I was trying so hard to keep my tears and emotions in check, but every nurse and Tony kept asking if I was alright. I wasn't but didn't want to admit it. I got taken back to see the doctor and I asked, ‘Is it cancer?’ to which he replied yes. I cried my eyes out and tried to leave the room, but Tony stopped me. I said to the doctor ‘I have four children do whatever you need to do to keep me alive for them. Please’.

"I started chemotherapy and had six rounds. Kim became a second mum for my younger children Liam and Charlotte, and my son Brad helped with looking after my mum while Tony did lots of overtime and helped around the house. After chemo I then had a mastectomy with deep reconstruction using fat from my stomach to make a new breast. It all went well until a day later when the nurses checked it and the blood wasn’t getting through, so I had to go back under to save it. When I came round, they had taken a vein from my foot to try and save the breast but it didn’t work, so I underwent a mastectomy. I had 15 rounds of radiotherapy and have since had two clear mammograms with three to go!"

Dannii, who's a staunch supporter of our Tickled Pink campaign, which supports Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel!, urges everyone – both men and women – to check themselves regularly.

She said: "Our partnership is helping to raise awareness and encouraging people to check themselves. I know it gets customers talking too ... and I feel also spreading the message by word of mouth is the best way forward to raise more awareness of breast cancer and the symptoms."

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