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'It doesn't feel like work': Elizabeth celebrates 10 years making a difference to the local area

Elizabeth Arbuckle from our Toryglen store has been making a difference to the local area for the last 22 years – including working as the store's community champion since our community programme started 10 years ago.

May 16, 2022 00:17pm
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Elizabeth Elizabeth is community champion at Asda Toryglen

Elizabeth started her career at Asda in the bakery department, when she also volunteered as part of Asda’s then ‘Get Involved’ Programme. This planted the seed for Elizabeth and was the beginning of her community-facing role.

“I must be one of the longest serving community champions in the business with an unbroken history!' she said. "To achieve all we have over this time is simply amazing, helping so many groups in so many ways. We have received top community awards and received real recognition from our MSPs and MPs over the years.

“It is heart-warming to see how many of the groups we are still working with, and through them, we meet new organisations who need our help. I have always been a people person and I love my job - I really have made so many great friendships over the years.”

Asda Toryglen

Elizabeth is a passionate supporter of a wide range of local groups, schools, charities and good causes and says she's delighted to help them all, whether by helping them apply for grants from the Asda Foundation, liaising with them to secure nominations for our Green Token Giving scheme, donating her time and energy, or inviting them into the store to raise money and awareness.

Here she is in 2017 presenting a grant for £8,000 from the Asda Foundation to Lightburn Elderly Association Project:

She was recognised for her great community work in 2013, winning an award at the Scottish Business in the Community Awards.

One of her fondest memories is the project she assisted on for Orchard Grove Kindergarten.

When Elizabeth found out they were moving to new premises she left no stone unturned to help them with funds to get the school up and running, buying paint and personally painting the school each year. Then, having worked closely with the school, she nominated them for an Evening Times Streets Ahead Award in 2014.

The Evening Times posted on Facebook to congratulate Elizabeth on her 10 years as an Asda community champion:

When the Commonwealth Games came to Glasgow in 2014 Elizabeth got involved immediately and included the whole community to bring the games alive in Toryglen.

The proud Clydesider was a volunteer at the Games after successfully securing a place, selected from 50,000 applicants.

Here are just a few examples of how Elizabeth has supported local good causes throughout the last decade:

Reflecting on the community programme and her role within the community, Elizabeth said: “I’m so pleased and proud that the Asda Foundation has enabled me to become a fundamental part of the community. It is great to know that everyone knows who I am – Elizabeth Arbuckle, Community Champion Asda Toryglen, Ext 222.

"This role is not just a 9-5 job - I may find myself working out of my usual hours but I have a great friendship bond with so many people, that it doesn’t always feel like work. Both myself and my colleagues are so proud of the support Asda provides, via me, for our community."

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