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Sandra from our Newmains store forms special bond with little Remy

May 19, 2022 11:30am
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Three-year-old Remy has formed such a close relationship with Sandra McLaughlan from our Newmains store that she always insists on going to her checkout when she joins her mum Becky Fraser on the family's weekly shopping trips.

And Sandra, who's known Remy since she was baby, always looks forward to their visits and chats.

Sandra recently surprised Remy by making her an Easter bonnet and treating her to a bag full of goodies.

She said: “I have known little Remy since she was born, and I love to see her in the store. I enjoy chatting to her and just wanted to make her something special.”

Remy’s mum Becky says Remy loves seeing Sandra in the store.

She said: “We do our shopping every Sunday and Remy absolutely loves coming along to see Sandra. We aren’t allowed to go to another checkout because Remy wants to speak to Sandra!

“Sandra was so kind to make Remy an Easter bonnet and filled a bag with lots of other Easter goodies. Remy was absolutely over the moon. What an amazing gesture from the loveliest lady."

Sandra's colleague Josh Laird, who's service section leader at the store, says everyone really appreciates the heartwarming bond between Sandra and "her favourite customer".

Josh said: “This is a great example of the kind of service that Sandra delivers on a daily basis. Sandra always strives to make great connections with customers.

“She is a credit to the store and a real asset to our team. I always receive great feedback from colleagues and customers alike. We are all immensely proud of Sandra.”

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