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Julie holds elderly customer's hand for five hours after fall while posting a letter

A huge well done to first aider Julie Fitchett from our Sheffield Drakehouse store who spent five hours caring for an 87-year-old customer who tripped over while posting a letter outside the store.

May 27, 2022 09:24am
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Julie Fitchett from Asda Drakehouse

Although bakery section leader Julie was supposed to be finishing her shift after being in since 5am she immediately attended the call for help.

She said: "The lady had come in to post a letter and her daughter was outside in the car. The lady – who used a walking stick – had tripped and fallen badly.

"I ran down to the foyer and found that he lady she was conscious but confused. She'd badly cut her face and was complaining of chest pains too. Our customer trading manager Glenys Marriott called 999 while I dressed the lady's cuts and got her in the recovery position.

"We got her a duvet and a pillow to keep her warm and make her comfortable and then I just lay down next to her and talked to her and held her hand. We chatted about all sorts of the things – the weather, my girls, and her flat."

Forty-two-year-old Julie, who's worked for Asda for 21 years, had planned to take three of her daughters to the cinema after work, but she cancelled to stay with the lady. She was also due to pick up her lorry driver husband Steven from his work, but he had to make his own way home.

Julie said: "I just messaged them and said 'First Aid call' and that I was going to be late."

Colleagues at the store also gave the customer's daughter drinks of tea and food while they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Paramedics checked her over, found she had low blood pressure, and took her to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield where she was kept in overnight.

Julie said: "The lady's daughter rang the store the next day to say that her mother was back home and to thank us all. I'm just glad she is okay.

"I just did what I had to do. I've been a first aider for years now and if I can help I will."

Julie Julie Fitchett from Asda Drakehouse

Store manager Michael Powell, who was on duty on the day of the incident, said: "What Julie did was absolutely phenomenal – she is a superstar.

"She has a heart of gold and wants to do the best she possibly can at all times. We cannot thank her enough for what she does."

And Julie Ogley, the store's people business partner who nominated Julie for an Asda Service Superstar award, said: "Julie is a true role model for Asda; she's caring and compassionate both to customers and colleagues.

"We are so proud of Julie and appreciate what she does everyday. However she went above and beyond when she helped the lady in store. Thank you Julie from everyone in Asda Drakehouse, you truly are an inspiration."

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