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Adam from Burton on Trent helps elderly couple who's lost their house keys

June 3, 2022 03:53pm
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When security colleague Adam Campbell from our Burton-on-Trent store noticed that a couple in their 80s looked lost and confused in the car park he became concerned and went to investigate.

Adam Campbell from Asda Burton

He discovered that not only had their car battery had gone flat so their car wouldn't start, but they'd also lost their house keys too.

The couple were also very cold so he brought them inside the store to warm up and got them a cup of tea.

He found out that they lived just a street away from his home so he asked his partner, Becky Lyons, if she could check to see if the keys were in their door, but unfortunately they weren't.

The couple didn't have a mobile phone and didn't know their daughter's phone number but, through Facebook, Adam managed to track her down and the couple stayed warm and safe in the store until she arrived to take them home.

Their son-in-law called at the store later to get the car started.

Store manager Joe Murphy, who has nominated Adam for an Asda service superstar award, said: "We are very proud of Adam. He really went above and beyond looking out for these customers."

Adam, who's 30 and who worked at the store for six years, said: "It's nice to get recognised, but I'd like to think that most people in that situation would have done the same. The couple were confused and vulnerable and I just wanted to help."

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