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Blind customers Gary and Mandy are helped around store by Lorna and Kaleah

Customers Gary and Mandy Robinson – who are both registered blind – love shopping at our St Leonards on Sea store with their guide dog Opal as they know they'll always be helped by colleagues Lorna Dyson and Kaleah Cumber.

By News & Blogs Team

June 7, 2022 02:43pm
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Asda St Leonards-on-Sea customer Mandy Robinson

Lorna has helped them with pick up their groceries since the store opened in 2010 and has become not only their eyes around the store, but also a really good friend.

Kaleah stepped in to help when Lorna was on holiday – and Mandy wrote to the store to say how great she was.

Mandy said: "We were both extremely impressed by Kaleah's competence and enthusiasm to help us both during the week and nothing seemed to be too much trouble for her.

"She took it all in her stride with an extremely calm approach, always ensuring she was placing the correct items in the trolley. She also ensured that we were put into the taxi home afterwards.

"We'd like to convey our thanks again to Lorna who helped to ensure that Kaleah felt confident and fully aware.

"We've been coming here for more than 10 years now and Lorna has helped us all that time. She knows what we like so could probably do our shopping without us being there!

"The other week I couldn't get a taxi as they were so busy, so Lorna walked me to the bus stop and carried my bags. She's so good and she's become a good friend.

"It is fortunate that Asda have two extremely customer-focused members of staff who are a credit to the store, going above and beyond to ensure the best customer experience possible."

Mandy Robinson at Asda St Leonards-on-Sea

Front-end colleague Kaleah, who's 35 and has worked at the store for seven years, said she was always happy to help Gary and Mandy.

She said: "I've known them for some time now and always chat to them to them when they come into the store. We get on well, and I love Opal too!

"When I was asked if I could help them with their shopping when Lorna was away I was only too happy to. We just went round the store with a list and I got what they needed. It was really lovely of them to write in and thank me; it was so unexpected."

Sixty-three-year-old Lorna, who's been at the store since it opened, said it was always a pleasure to help Mandy and Gary.

She said: "I know what time they usually come in so I'll wait outside for them. We then get the Scan & Go and go round the store and have a laugh while we do it.

"If I see something I think they will like I'll put in the trolley and I will also tell them of the offers we have on.

"When I'm on holiday now, Kaleah will help them. They know Kaleah as we always meet her when we go through Scan & Go. She did a really good job when I was away."

Wendy Border, the store's community champion, said she was delighted to hear how much her colleagues' support is appreciated by Mandy and Gary.

She said: "Kaleah had a very calm approach and took her time whilst selecting the right products. Kaleah will definitely be her No 2 in store if Lorna is off. Well done Lorna and Kaleah, you are a credit to our store."

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