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Colleagues arrange VIP tour of Asda Alloa for Scott

June 21, 2022 03:20pm
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When colleagues at our Alloa store head how much 27-year-old Scott Ferguson loves Asda they pulled out all the stops to give him a VIP tour – including making pizzas and speaking on the Tannoy.

Scott Ferguson at Asda Alloa VIP tour

Scott, who has learning difficulties, was also given a hat, apron, name badge and lanyard during his visit.

Scott's aunt Agnes works at the store and when she mentioned to service section leader Claire Lang that Scott loved all things Asda she arranged for him to pop in the next time he visited Alloa from his home in Aberdeen.

Scott Ferguson at Asda Alloa VIP tour

Claire said: "He had such a good time and all the colleagues enjoyed having him here. He loved going on the Tannoy and even put a call out for me to come to the customer service desk! He made a pizza and had fun 'auctioning' it off too."

Scott Ferguson at Asda Alloa VIP tour

Scott's mum Debra said she couldn't thank the team enough for arranging the visit.

She said: "He had the best time ever – you all really did make his day. You are such lovely people and I can't thank you enough for all the effort you put in."

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