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£15k Asda Foundation Spaces and Places grant in Pwllheli brings community closer together

June 29, 2022 11:29am
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Community champion Jo Scott from our Pwllheli store surprised the team at CPD Pwllheli FC Cyfyngedig with a donation of £15,000 from Asda’s charity, the Asda Foundation.

Asda Foundation £15,000 grant for CPD Pwllheli FC Cyfyngedig

The funding will allow the group to create a new community hub for the town that will be accessible for people of all ages.

It will create a safe place for young people to join in with activities, to reduce isolation with the elderly, bringing them together to socialise, and to help families with essential skills such as budgeting, life skills and cooking on a budget.

Jo said: “I was so delighted to tell my group that they had been successful with their grant application – I just burst out in tears on the phone.

"I said, 'Hello guess what, I have news about your grant', and once I’d stopped being an emotional wreck I was able to tell them the good news, that they had been successful in a £15,000 grant from the Asda Foundation.

"CPD Pwllheli FC Cyfyngedig is an amazing local project to create this new hub and it is going to benefit our local community so much, and I hope we can continue to work together to improve the area for the benefit of all their residents.”

Dylan, from the hub, said: "On behalf of our entire community here in Pwllheli, we are so grateful to Jo and to the Asda Foundation for their generous support.

"It's always a challenge for small, remote communities to raise the funding required to help us achieve growth and to increase opportunities, whilst ensuring the long-term future of the club for future generations within our community.

"Such a generous contribution is fantastic for us as a club and as a community. Not only does it go a long way towards meeting our funding requirements, but it also validates our vision to create a safe, welcoming and high-quality community hub for everyone in Pwllheli and the surrounding area. We are ambitious and passionate about improving life in our small community. We are also realistic that we need all the help and support available, from large organisations to local councils as well as private individuals and small businesses. As a team we will always achieve more together as we pool resources, knowledge and goodwill."

The grant is part of the Asda Foundation's investment of £750,000 in 60 local community groups and charities across the UK, with the aim of transforming community spaces and places after customers said the cost-of-living crisis has impacted their social and community interaction.

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