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Asda Tain team look after unwell customer ... and his dog

July 5, 2022 09:40am
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When a customer fell ill at our Tain store, first-aiders Sharon Noble and Allison Howsley looked after him until an ambulance arrived ... and store manager Margo Gurney even took his dog Frank home with her while he was in hospital.

Margo Gurney, Sharon Noble and Allison Howsley from Asda Tain look after ill customer's dog

Dog-lover Margo, who has a West Highland Terrier called Fergie, said: "The gentleman had just travelled to stay in the area for a few days had just popped in to our store for some dog treats when he took ill. It was some kind of seizure, which he'd not had before, and he was drifting in and our of consciousness.

"An ambulance was called and Sharon and Alison together with a customer who was a nurse made him comfortable and got him a blanket and something for his head to rest on until the paramedics arrived."

The customer's dog was in his car with the window slightly open, so Margo decided to take him to her home so he could play with Fergie.

Asda Tain store manager Margo Gurney looked after an unwell customer's dog

She said: "Frank the dog obviously couldn't go to hospital and there was no other family to look after him so I took him home. He was lovely and got on well with my Fergie."

The customer's step-daughter, who lives almost four hours drive away in Stirling, picked Frank up later that night.

Margo said: "The gentleman's wife, who was travelling up to Tain separately from her husband as she'd been working, called into our store the next day to thank us all. We are just happy that he's now recovered."

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