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Cieran is the youngest member of famous Welsh choir

July 8, 2022 03:44pm
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Seventeen-year-old Cieran Watts always hits the right notes with his friendly outlook at our Tonypandy store – and outside work he does the same as the youngest member of the world famous Treorchy Male Choir.

Cieran Watts from Asda Tonypandy sings for the Treorchy Male Voice Choir

Cieran, who works in the bakery, is a second tenor and recently sang for the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall with the choir as part of a summer tour of Wales.

Second tenor Cieran who, at the age of 15, became the choir’s youngest member when he joined about three years ago, said: “It’s such a great honour to sing with the choir.

"It was a lovely day and great to see so many people in the community come together to celebrate a memorable visit from our future king.

Cieran Watts from Asda Tonypandy sings for the Treorchy Male Voice Choir

"It was amazing. The high street was packed. It really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me."

Cieran, who lives in Treorchy, was asked to go to rehearsals to join the choir by its musical director Stewart Roberts who was a teacher at Cieran's school.

He said: "I started singing when I was at school and was part of the ensemble in school shows at first.

"Joining the choir was a dream come true. My family were over the moon. I absolutely love it. I can't express into words just how much I enjoy being part of the choir.

"I was the youngest choir member – and I still am by about ten years! They all look after me though and have taken me under their wing."

Cieran Watts from Asda Tonypandy sings for the Treorchy Male Voice Choir

Cieran started working at our store as a Christmas temp 20 months ago. He said: "I do sing to myself when I'm working – just not as loud as when I'm in the choir!"

The store's community champion Karen Thomas says Cieran is a joy to work with.

She said: "We are all so proud of Cieran. To be part of the famous Treorchy Male Voice Choir at such a young age is fabulous.

"Everyone likes Cieran in the store; he's very chatty and very approachable. He's such a lovely young lad and so hardworking."

"He's very theatrical and always gets involved in anything we do in store. For the Queen's Jubilee he dressed up in a Union Jack suit."

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall spoke to local businesses when they visited Treorchy, which was named Britain's best high street in 2020.

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