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Customer writes to thank caring Clayton Green colleague Naomi for her 'amazing' help

July 15, 2022 11:50am
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A customer who suffers from anxiety has thanked checkouts colleague Naomi Leigh-Christopher from our Clayton Green store for taking the time out to help her with her shopping.

Naomi Leigh-Christopher from Asda Clayton Green

The lady wrote to the store to say: "I don't usually give feedback. I suffer with anxiety when shopping due to PTSD, and I always struggle, but today was different.

"The lady who served me must have recognised I was feeling anxious, either that or she just genuinely is the nicest person who has amazing customer service skills, because she struck up a conversation, put me in a place of comfort and within no time at all I'd packed my bags and my shopping was done, when usually for me, time goes so slow.

"She also noticed a tear in my bag of sugar and my anxiety would stop me from asking for a new one, but this was already fixed and a new bag was brought before I even had a chance to panic.

"I just wanted to show her my thanks for today. It might not have been much to anyone else, but to someone with anxiety and a sweaty forehead every time they go shopping, it was a nice change."

Naomi, who's 26 and has been with the store nearly two years, has been nominated for an Asda service superstar award for her kindness towards the customer.

Naomi said: "I have suffered from anxiety myself so I do understand how debilitating it can be so I try to give the extra care and service that I would like to receive myself if the roles were reversed.

"I feel proud to have helped this lady on this day."

Asda Clayton Green's customer trading manager Jenna Ellis says everyone at the store is proud of Naomi.

She said: "Naomi is such a friendly, bubbly colleague who will chat to anyone. She is really good at making people feel at ease. Customers here love her."

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