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Mum thanks Simon and Sandra from Asda Newton Mearns for looking after child

July 29, 2022 04:24pm
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A mum has thanked Simon Millar and Sandra Macleod from our Newton Mearns store for looking after and caring for her daughter when she fell out of her pushchair and cut her head.

Simon Millar and Sandra Macleod from Asda Newton Mearns

The customer wrote to the store to thank them, saying: "When the first aid team came to help me they were excellent. I was so impressed by their attentiveness and the kindness they showed me as an upset mum.

"Simon and Sandra were so lovely and I would like to pass on my gratitude to them both. I was very upset, as was my daughter, but she is fine thankfully. Sandra even helped me to put my shopping through. I really think this was exceptional kindness when you were both very busy."

Simon, the store's GM and George section leader who's also a trained first aider, said: "The little girl, who was about three or four, was strapped into her buggy but had somehow leaned over and it had toppled over. She either banged her head on the floor or shelf.

"I got a call on the Tannoy and when I got there both the mum and the girl were very upset. I managed to stem the bleeding and put ice on the swelling. Once the bleeding had stopped, we saw that the wound thankfully was not too bad.

"Sandra was a great help and kept both the mum and the little girl calm. She was a great support."

Store manager Lisa Sandhu said: "Thank you Simon and Sandra for all your help and ensuring this mum and her daughter got the best care possible".

Both colleagues have now been nominated for Asda service superstar awards.

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