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Why Rick loves making sure customers are smiling as they leave Asda Gillingham Pier

July 29, 2022 11:02am
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"If customers leave with a smile on their face then I've done my job" – the words of Rick Morton from our Gillingham Pier store, who's forever getting positive feedback from customers for his cheerful manner and willingness to help.

Rick Morton at Asda Gillingham Pier

Here are just some of the wonderful things customers have been saying about Rick, who's 69 and works as a porter and on checkouts:

Natalie Simpson said: "Rick is always full of beans; he always serves with a smile. He's fantastic with the kids too and always make packing less stressful."

Josie Paige added: "You get absolutely fantastic customer service from Rick; he's just so helpful."

And Tracey Huzzel said: "Rick helped me put air pressure in my tyres and as I have a hidden disability I found this difficult. Thank you Rick for helping."

Rick says it's just in his nature to be happy.

He said: "It's nice to get positive feedback but I just like to help people. I've helped customers to change wheels, put air in their tyres, jump started their cars and filled their vehicles up with fuel.

"If they need help taking their shopping to their cars I'll do for that for them too. I'm always happy to have a chat too."

Friendly porter Rick Morton from Asda Gillingham Pier

Before joining Asda five years ago, Rick was a BT engineer for 24 years and then ran his own driving business.

He's been married to Diana for 28 years and has three children and three grandchildren.

Rick said: "The grandchildren do keep me busy. They have a big cardboard box which they throw all their broken toys into. I then take them away and fix them!"

Cheryl Hammond, the store's customer trading manager, said Rick had the "most amazing way with customers."

She said: "He's always smiling and helpful. He always goes that extra mile for customers who don't know how to put air in their tyres or fill up with fuel on self service. If they break down he will help to fill up the fuel can and help fill the car.

"He does checkouts and self scan and customers love him. He is polite, approachable and very helpful with every part of his role. All colleagues on the department work well with him."

And Rebecca Arnold, Asda Gillingham Pier's operations manager, said: "Rick is the most helpful guy you are likely to meet. Nothing it too much trouble for him. Everyone loves him here, customers and colleagues. I've never ever heard a bad word said against him."

Service section leader Donna Barlow said: "Rick really is the face of the store – everyone knows him. He is just amazing.

"He helps all out customers and brightens up their day – he's always happy and smiling."

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