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Customers and colleagues at Asda Shrewsbury love 'inspiration' John

August 12, 2022 10:30am
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Everyone at our Shrewsbury store loves our friendly porter John Bumford who, at the age of 89, is Asda's oldest colleague.

John Bumford 89 from Asda Shrewsbury

John, who's known for his infectious laugh and positive outlook, said: "I always help the customers – especially the elderly, who are probably younger than I am!

"I'm always helping to take compost and topsoil to customers' cars. People are shocked by how old I am! Recently, one lady wanted some stones lifting into her car so I went over to help and she said she wanted someone younger! And I said 'what's wrong with me?' She said I wouldn't be able to do it and I said 'can't I?' and then proved her wrong.

"I do like to smile when I'm out – there's no point in crying is there? I always like to be friendly. If I can help someone I always will.

"The customers and I get on really well and I know most of them. I always say hello and ask how things are progressing at their homes."

John Bumford age 89 from Asda Shrewsbury

John, who's been married to Betty for 64 years and who has a daughter Nicki and grandson Oliver, started working at the store in 2000 when it was a Safeway. It was taken over by Asda four years later.

John said: "I was getting under my wife's feet a bit when I retired so I thought I'd better get another job!

"The job suits me and I've got no plans to retire! I love talking to customers – that interests me more than anything. People interest me as I get to find out more about them and they find out more about me. I'm always happy to chat.

"I wasn't sure whether I'd like the job when I first started but they said just give it a go for a month or two and see how you get on. It suited me fine! I don't even mind the weather, even if it's pouring down with rain."

John Bumford age 89 from Asda Shrewsbury

For 40 years John had worked as a television engineer and before that he spent 10 years in the Royal Air Force as a radio technician and taught at the No 1 radio school at RAF Locking.

Store manager Kester Williams said: "John's friendly, positive attitude is an inspiration to others.

"Customers love him and he always has a smile on his face. He is always here, rain or shine, helping customers and other colleagues."

And the store's customer trading manager Dawn Boggis said: "John is a perfect gentleman; he always puts a smile on people's faces.

"He is always so polite when he greets our customers and they all adore him. He's always happy to chat and willing to help."

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