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Maryhill colleagues delighted for customer who buys £1m winning lottery ticket in store

August 12, 2022 02:37pm
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Colleagues at our Maryhill store in Glasgow are delighted for regular customer Robert Cameron who won £1 million after buying a National Lottery ticket at the store.

Asda Maryhill customer Robert Cameron won the Lotto

He matched five numbers and the Bonus Ball in the Lotto draw with a Lucky Dip that he nearly forgot to buy.

Store manager Lilian Cassels said: "It's absolutely brilliant that he bought the ticket from us – we must be a lucky store!

"Robert's a local man and a loyal customer so it's great for someone in our community to win such a windfall. He's a regular and he was just in a couple of days ago shopping too.

"Everyone here is delighted and really pleased for him. It just goes to show that anyone can win it, but you have to be 'in it to win it'!"

Robert, who's 53 and a dad of five, had won £3.70 on a Lucky Dip a few days earlier and had initially forgotten to buy his tickets for the July 30 draw.

He told The Sun: "He said: "I'd just got settled in for the night when I remembered I hadn't gone to the shop for the tickets.

"Then I got a call from my youngest son asking if I would go and pick him up. I decided seeing as I was heading back out again anyway, I may as well nip into Asda and get the Lucky Dips. And I'm so glad I did."

The next day he fed the fish, made himself a cup of tea and then checked his numbers!

He said: "I always check on the app and of course the same congratulations message popped up as the day before with my £3.70 win.

"I expected to see something similar and when I looked at first, I thought it said £1,000.

"I was still half asleep, so I looked again and thought 'no it's £100,000'.

"It took a third look for me to realise I was a millionaire. I even Googled the winning numbers to double check."

He then called the National Lottery Line to check that he had won £1m.

Robert now plans to buy a new home, a Range Rover and take the family on holiday.

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