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Tipree colleague Harry helps disabled customer stuck in car during heatwave

August 26, 2022 11:33am
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Quick-thinking Harry Sutherland from our Tiptree store came to the rescue of a disabled customer who got stuck in his car in the recent heatwave after a problem with his electric wheelchair.

Harry Sutherland from Asda Tiptree came to the rescue of a disabled customer who got stuck in his car

Not only did Harry rush to the distressed customer's aid and get him out of the vehicle but he also managed to fix the wheelchair too.

Harry, who's 24, said: "I'd just gone to my car on my break and I heard a tap on a car window trying to get my attention. The gentleman had been stuck in his car for about 15 minutes in the heat as he couldn't get his wheelchair out. He had a window open, but there was very little breeze and he was really hot."

Harry got him out of the vehicle and then phoned the wheelchair company to get some advice, but while he was holding on he managed to solves the problem which was a lever in the wrong position.

He said: "I chatted with the customer to make sure he was okay and then he went into the store to do his shopping. I just did what anyone else would have done.

Store manager Matt Cork said the store was proud of Harry and he's been nominated for an Asda service superstar award.

He said: "The customer was in a bit of distress so Harry quickly came to his aid and managed to sort out his wheelchair too, so well done Harry."

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