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Aberdeen Beach home shopping driver Bill is always on hand to help his customers

September 1, 2022 02:05pm
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Home shopping driver Bill Daniels from our Aberdeen Beach store is always going the extra mile and giving his customers a helping hand when they need it.

And now the 61-year-old, who only joined the store a year ago after 38 years in the oil and gas industry, has received an Asda service superstar award for his friendly and helpful manner and the "stunning" feedback he receives.

Recently, he noticed that an elderly lady who suffers from arthritis had ordered some weedkiller spray to tackle the weeds in her driveway. Instead of leaving it for her to do he did it himself, much to her delight. And the next time he was in the area he called to check on the lady and to see if the weeds needed anymore treatment.

And, during a conversation with the same customer, she mentioned she liked word search books and crosswords so on his next delivery Bill dropped some off to her.

On another occasion Bill went out of his way to get a customer some special dark beer she wanted for a beef hot pot she was making which had been left off her delivery order by accident.

Bill, who's been married to Lorraine for 38 years and has two grown-up children, always has time for a chat and help his older customers.

"I've a regular customer who orders every couple of weeks or so and I always unpack her groceries and put them inside her house for her and help her as much as she can.

"On this occasion I'd noticed that she'd bought some weedkiller spray and I know that she had arthritis in her fingers so I had some spare time before my next delivery so I thought I took the spray and did her driveway and pathway. She was really, really pleased.

"I went back a few week later to see what the condition of the driveway was like and and told her that if it got bad again I'll do it for her.

"When I told her that I'd won a gold award she was so pleased. She was smiling and beaming and said it was well deserved."

Bill said he was shocked to get a gold award for his kindness.

He said: "It's a really enjoyable job, so getting something like a gold award is just mind blowing. I do the job because I want to do it.

"If a customer wants to stand and chat or need help I'm always happy to do that and I always deliver their groceries with a smile on my face.

"I keeps me physically fit and active. The team I work with are really good people and the drivers are a bunch of great guys. I love the job. It keeps me physically fit and active and gets me out in the fresh air."

Home shopping manager Suzie Duffas said: "Bill is a hero, a real star. I've never heard a bad word said against him. He's just a good guy.

"He's always looking out for his customers, especially the elderly and those living on their own. His customers all love him and he'll help them whenever he can. He's always getting five-star ratings from them.

"And if we are busy in store and he's in between deliveries he'll always help out too, he's just that kind of person."

Store manager David Byars echoed Suzie's comments saying: "Well done Bill. You are an outstanding ambassador to our store and company. Thank you for all you do."

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