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The kindness of 'amazing' Susan from Asda Milton makes four-year-old Spencer smile

September 6, 2022 08:32am
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Four-your-old Spencer Robinson loves shopping at our Dundee Milton store with his mum Elise – so when checkouts colleague Susan McEwan let him play on the tills and gave him a special lanyard and name badge he couldn't stop smiling.

Susan McEwan from Asda Dundee Milton

Susan spotted that Spencer, who's autistic and mostly non verbal, was excited by seeing her scan a customer's shopping, so she let him take a closer look, putting him on the seat so he could scan a few things himself.

Elise wrote to the store to thank Susan for making her son's day. She said: "I had your wonderful colleague Susan see my son get excited at the checkout when he saw her scanning a customer's shopping.

"He is autistic, mostly non verbal and also very curious about the world around him. He likes when Miss Rabbit on Peppa Pig is working on the checkout so he related it to that.

Spencer Robinson at Asda Dundee Milton

"Straight away and without a second thought she told him to come on in and have a look. She was speaking away to him, which most people don't do when he's non verbal, because they assume he doesn't understand.

"She picked him up and put him on the seat letting him have a good look at the till and conveyer belt. She let him scan a few items through with her and praised him doing so, telling him he was doing a great job and reinforcing how amazing he was doing, which he loved."

Elise, who also has a three-year-old daughter Cassie, who has cerebral palsy, said: "In this world there aren't many people who know how to speak to our children, due to both of them being disabled, but this woman's kindness just shone through her.

"You're so lucky to have such an amazing woman on your team who's made this mum's idea of her child's future a good one. Thank you from every bit of my heart."

Spencer Robinson at Asda Dundee Milton

Susan, who works part time at the store, said: "I just love chatting and helping people. I’m a great believer in trying to make people happy.

"There’s nothing better than seeing their smiles. You never know if you’re the only contact with the outside world so I always try to make them feel good by chatting away with them or helping them in anyway they need."

Community champion Yvanne McLaren said the whole store was proud of Susan. She said: "She's a lovely caring person who just loves to make kiddies smile. She's also a "lollipop lady" and well loved and recognised by the local kids."

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