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Barry home shopping driver's cheerful manner makes customer's day

September 29, 2022 01:58pm
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Home shopping driver Brett Smith from our Barry store always puts his customers first and loves to chat and help those who need it.

Brett Smith from Asda Barry

His friendly manner has made him a firm favourite with customers and one regular wrote to store manager Helen Thompson to sing his praises.

She said: "I live alone and rarely have visitors and how lovely it was to have a happy delivery man at my door. He asked if I needed any help, then just chitchatted in general while it was unloaded.

"He made my day. I know it's his job, but to do it with genuine compassion and care has made this week so much better for me. He beats the delivery guys who knock and run leaving a parcel on the doorstep! Anyway, thank you again Brett!

"I have to say Asda drivers are the best but I think Brett is naturally friendly. You can't train that type of service so thank you!"

Helen said everyone at the store was proud of Brett.

She said: "He's such a selfless person. He always thinks of the customer first and will always help them if he can. He's a very conscientious driver too and always makes sure his deliveries are on time."

Brett, who's 67, has been at the store since it opened in 2015 and has been a driver since 2017. Before he worked for Asda he spent 30 years in the RAF and 12 years as a civilian in the police.

He said: "I love the freedom allowed in my job, being able to roam about the area I know so well, especially to outlying areas of the countryside, whatever the weather.

"An added bonus is that the physical nature of the job keeps an old man fit. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to have a chat with some of my delightful customers, who often state that Asda drivers always seem so friendly.

"I believe that in spending a few minutes in this way and perhaps simply taking the bins out or changing a lightbulb for a housebound customer makes a difference. Some have said it makes their day to have a chat, as I may be the only person they see that week. I’d like to think other delivery drivers would do the same for my parents."

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