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Carole from Asda Kendal is thanked for her caring attitude to autistic customer

October 3, 2022 09:49am
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Carole Jackson, who works on Click & Collect at our Kendal store, has been thanked for making a young autistic man's shopping experience pleasurable and less overwhelming.

Carole Jackson at Asda Kendal

The customer's support worker wrote to the store to thank Carole, saying: "Carole goes the extra mile to look after him whenever he comes to collect his shopping. She takes extra care to make him feel comfortable and she always stops to have a chit chat.

"He has autism and finds it very hard to socialise and be out in the community. We are working with him to help him work through his anxieties. He's been coming to Kendal to collect his shopping for a very long time now. We did stop over Covid, but have recently started back up again and Carole remembers him every time and he absolutely loves this.

"We really appreciate her and what she does and we wanted to send you this letter to let you know how amazing she is."

Carole Jackson at Asda Kendal

Carole, who's worked at the store for eight years, said: "He's a lovely young man who always makes me smile when he comes in.

"We always have a chat and ask him what he's been up to. He likes his videos so I always ask what he's been watching.

"It was nice to get a letter of thanks; it's nice to be appreciated."

Rachael Maplethorpe, the store's customer trading manager, nominated Carole for an Asda service superstar award for her kindness.

She said: "Carole is happy, bubbly and friendly who always has got a smile on her face."

"This young man and his support workers order the Click & Collect when they know Carole will be on. She's an absolute star."

Carole is pictured above with online trading manager David Grisedale.

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