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Galashiels colleague Matthew helps elderly customer who'd forgotten bank card

October 6, 2022 09:58am
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When 22-year-old Matthew McGill overheard an older customer getting upset at our Galashiels store because she realised she'd forgotten her bank card he immediately stepped in to pay for her shopping himself.

Matthew, who's working part-time at the store while studying at Heriot-Watt University, says he couldn't sit back and let the customer leave the store without the items she needed for a visit from her family.

He said: "I had heard what was happening over at one of the checkouts and realised the customer had forgotten her bank card. After chatting to her, I thought I’d help out and pay for her shopping.

“She was extremely grateful and couldn’t thank me enough. The customer’s daughter came in the next day to repay the money. I wasn’t in that day, but I got it the day after. I was happy to help and would do it for anyone.”

The store's customer service manager Sandra Redpath nominated Matthew for a Service Superstar Award for his kindness.

She said:“Matthew is such a great colleague. When he heard the customer had forgotten her bank card, he didn’t even hesitate and helped her right away.

“He’s only been with us for a short while but he’s a breath of fresh air and always comes to work with a smile on his face. Well done, Matthew!”

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