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Gareth makes sure little Isla is reunited with her favourite toy bunny

October 19, 2022 00:51pm
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Two-year-old Isla Connolly has been reunited with her beloved toy bunny Pinky after caring colleague Gareth Murphy from our Bangor store spotted an appeal on Facebook from her parents.

Isla Connolly is reunited with her bunny Pinky thanks to Gareth Murphy from Asda Bangor

Gareth saw a post on a local Facebook group from Isla's dad Jordan asking for any information about the whereabouts of the missing cuddly bunny – and as it said they had been in the store that day he decided to take a look to see if he could find it.

Gareth, who's a father himself, said: “When I noticed Jordan’s post on Facebook, I really wanted to find the bunny for them, so I kept my eyes peeled. I was delighted to be able to help and get Pinky back to Isla so quickly.”

Isla Connolly is reunited with her bunny Pinky thanks to Gareth Murphy from Asda Bangor

Pinky’s adventure happened after a family trip to a Music in The Park session at Ward Park. Isla and her father had popped into Asda afterwards to pick up some dinner.

Jordan and his wife, Sarah, realised Pinky was missing later that day and began to retrace their steps. They were unable to find the bunny, so decided to post on Facebook, and the power of social media saved the day.

Jordan said Isla was delighted to have Pinky back. He said: “Gareth really went the extra mile to help us which was so lovely to see. It’s really comforting to know that someone would go out of their way to help a child. We are so grateful to Gareth, he is a credit to Asda.”

Philip Stewart, the store's production manager, has nominated Gareth for an Asda service superstar award for his actions.

He said: “Gareth is a wonderful colleague and valued member of our nightshift team. He’s a brilliant guy who’s always friendly and bubbly even after a long nightshift. He always goes the extra mile whenever needed and it’s no surprise he went out of his way to find Pinky. Well done, Gareth!”

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