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Laura's become a TikTok sensation with her superb salsa dance

October 24, 2022 01:51pm
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Laura Fulgenzi from our Gosforth store has become a TikTok sensation – racking up more than four million views of her fun videos showing her dancing in the aisles.

Laura Fulgenzi from Asda Gosforth has gone viral on TikTok for her dances

In one recent video she's asked ***"****excuse me, have you got any salsa?"*before she breaks out into a funny salsa dance to the backing of the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune. You can view the video on TikTok here.

Laura Fulgenzi from Asda Gosforth has gone viral on TikTok for her dances

Professional dancer and choreographer Laura, who started working part-time in the store's home shopping team 12 weeks ago, said the reaction to her videos has been amazing.

She said: "I was thinking of ideas while I working in the store and I wanted to share a bit of fun. I just imagined what if someone just asked me for salsa and I started to dance.

"I got my boyfriend, Craig Smith, to come in when I'd finished my shift, as we just live around the corner. I never film anything when I'm on shift and I always make sure that I'm clocked out.

Laura Fulgenzi from Asda Gosforth has gone viral on TikTok for her dances

"I said to Craig about the idea and he filmed it. We put the Strictly music to it and thought it looked quite good so we shared it and it went from there. My notifications were just going off all the time. When it reached a million views I was like 'oh my God!' I'd never reached a million views before – it's amazing!

"Loads of my colleagues here have said to me that they love my TikTok account. They say it makes them happy and makes them laugh. I've had so many positive comments. All my friends and family say that it's a brilliant idea too."

Laura, who now has more than 24,000 followers, has a degree in musical theatre from the Hammond School of Performing Arts in Chester. She started her TikTok account during the pandemic and has the motto: "Do what makes you happy".

She said: "Loads of people commented on the salsa post that I should do a tango, so I've created a new one with my mum, Karin. My boyfriend filmed it and he asks me for a can of Tango and as I walk down the aisle I take my mum's hand as we stroll forward!"

Laura has also done a funny TikTok of her "wiggle" dance after someone asks her where the cheese wiggles are – watch the video here.

Her salsa dance had over 2,000 comments, with many people saying the intro to the music made them jump – including Lewis Howlett, who posted: "Even though I knew it was coming still burst out laughing. "

TikToker @shushyourmouth696 posted: "I JUMPED ABOUT A FOOT." while iluvruby commented "😍 gotta love asda employees."

Urvi Desai, the store's home shopping manager, said colleagues were very supportive of Laura.

She said: "She's a very good dancer and the TikToks are very funny. Everyone here loves them. Laura is a really nice girl; always very helpful and friendly."

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