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Ange from Rhyl delivers hoover to elderly customer's home and promptly cleans it

October 27, 2022 10:00am
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Thank you to security colleague Ange Pagett from our Rhyl store who put together a new vacuum cleaner for an 82-year-old customer ... and then promptly cleaned her flat with it for her.

Ange, who's 53 and has worked in the store for 25 years, has been nominated for an Asda service superstar award for her caring act.

The lady, who's partially sighted, came up to Ange in the store to ask if she would pick up the groceries that she needed and also a small vacuum cleaner.

Ange was only too happy to help and took her around the store, through the checkout and bagged up the items too.

Ange said: "On that day, however, the lady couldn't get a taxi home so I asked work if it was okay if I took her home in my car – it was only a five-minute drive away.

"I helped the lady to get the shopping into her flat, but she was a bit concerned that she wouldn't be able to put the vacuum cleaner together so I quickly did it for her and then cleaned the living room floor to make sure it was working okay.

"She was absolutely made up, bless her, and she's been in since and I did the shopping for her again.

"We have a lot of elderly customers at our store and I talk to most of them. I've been here that long that they all know me and because I'm at the front of the store I'm the first person they see when they walk in."

Service manager Sarah Rodrigues says Ange has a "heart of gold" and is a credit to the store.

She said: "What Ange did was really going the extra mile. She made that customer's day as she had no-one to help her."

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