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Larkhall checkouts colleague Wendy uses sign language to communicate with customer

November 14, 2022 01:17pm
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Checkouts colleague Wendy Nicholls from our Larkhall store has been praised for using sign language to communicate with a customer who has hearing problems.

Wendy, whose son is deaf, was serving a group of people when she noticed one of the customers was using sign language.

She said: “A great part of working on the checkouts is that I get to meet so many people each day.

“On this occasion, I noticed the customer was communicating via sign language. As my son is deaf, I wanted to make sure the customer felt included, so I started to use sign language to complete their transaction.

“I’m really pleased that I was able to make a difference to the customer’s experience in store.”

Wendy, who's worked at the store for nearly four years, has been nominated for an Asda service superstar award by service section manager James Love.

James said: “Several colleagues came up to me and explained how amazing Wendy was with this customer, so it was only right that she is recognised.

“Wendy is a great colleague and very customer focused, she is loved by all of us. Thank you Wendy!”

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