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Omagh colleague Pamela pays for customer's shopping after forgetting purse

November 18, 2022 04:53pm
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When Pamela Moane from our Omagh store noticed a customer putting back her groceries after she'd forgotten her purse, she immediately stepped in and bought the goods herself out of her own pocket.

Pamela Moane from Asda Omagh

The customer was extremely grateful for Pamela’s act of kindness, and she later returned to the store to pay her back, along with a card to say thank you.

Pamela, who's a service section leader, said: "I noticed the customer looked worried at the checkouts and when I realised she had forgotten her purse, I didn't want her to leave the store without getting what she needed.

“It’s really nice to be there for our customers whenever they need it, and I was more than happy to help!”

Stephen Cox, the store's service section manager, said: “Pamela is a fantastic colleague at Asda Omagh, she always goes above and beyond for our customers.

“When I heard what happened, I was not surprised at all. Pamela would always do what she can to put the customer first. Thank you, Pamela!”

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