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Kilmarnock colleague Sarah rushes to help customer with heart problems

November 22, 2022 03:46 PM

A customer has thanked Sarah MacInness from our Kilmarnock store for rushing her to hospital after she started to get heart palpitations and became short of breath while shopping.

Service host Sarah calmed the lady down and called 999 for an ambulance, but then decided to take her to A&E at the local hospital herself.

The lady returned to the store the next day to thank Sarah and let her know she had recovered.

Sarah said: “I noticed the customer became unwell as she came towards the checkouts and my main priority was to make sure she was okay.

“I knew she was seriously unwell after she explained she'd had heart problems in the past. I realised that the wait for the ambulance might be too long, so I brought the lady to my car and took her straight to A&E.

“I was so relieved to hear she had recovered and was so grateful for her returning to the store to tell us. I always do the best that I can for our customers and I’m glad I was able to help."

Suzanne Powell, the store's customer trading manager, said: “We are all so proud of Sarah; she is an exceptional member of our team.

"She went above and beyond for this customer; her calm and caring manner really helped the situation. The customer couldn’t be more grateful for the service she received that day. Thank you, Sarah!"