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Christian praised for looking after customer who dislocated knee outside Llanelli store

November 24, 2022 02:53pm
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A big thank you to security colleague and first aider Chris Hardy from our Llanelli Murray Street store who stayed with and looked after an elderly lady after she'd fallen and dislocated her knee in the nearby mall.

Chris, who's 47, said: "The lady, who was in her seventies, was in some pain, bless her, so I didn't dream of moving her. I called 999 and then got a quilt from the store to keep her warm as she'd fallen outside our store but quite close to the doors of the mall and it was quite cold and windy."

He managed to get hold of the lady's daughter through her mobile phone and she arrived with her own daughter after about an hour.

Security section leader Chris, who's worked at the store for 15 years, said: "I just tried to keep her talking; just chit-chat to keep her mind occupied. We talked about all sorts of things really, she was telling how she was going home to bake a cake for her granddaughter's birthday.

"The call handler said we could get her some painkillers so we arranged for our pharmacy to get her some.

"I'm first aid trained to help customers and colleagues and that's what I try to do when needed."

Store manager Donna Lewis, who nominated Chris for an Asda service superstar award, said: "We're really proud of Chris; he did go above and beyond. He's such a caring and calming person and so humble.

"He reassured the lady that she would be fine and kept updating the ambulance service on how she was feeling.

"Being a security colleague and sitting where he does at the entrance to the store he is the face of Asda; he's so well known."

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