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Donna's quick thinking helps diabetic customer at Asda Hamilton

December 7, 2022 02:11pm
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Checkouts colleague Donna McCafferty from our Hamilton store knew exactly what to do when a customer's blood sugars got dangerously low and he had a diabetic seizure.

Donna noticed the customer was sitting down and looking unwell at the self checkouts so she approached him to ask if he was feeling okay. He said he was diabetic and felt as though his blood sugar levels were dropping.

Donna McCafferty from Asda Hamilton praised for helping a diabetic customer

She quickly went to get the man some chocolate to boost his blood sugar levels and asked a colleague to keep an eye on him.

When Donna returned with the chocolate, the customer had gone into a diabetic fit, so with no time to spare she asked her colleague to hold his head while she put him into the recovery position and phoned an ambulance.

The customer came back to the store a few days later to let the team know that he had recovered and to thank Donna for her support.

Donna said: “When the customer told me what was wrong, I knew straight away to get something sweet to increase his blood sugar levels and told my colleague to sit with him while I was gone.

“When I came back, I could see he was going into a diabetic fit; my main priority was to make sure he was okay. I haven’t experienced anything like this before, so I thought getting him into the recovery position and phoning an ambulance was the best course of action.

“I was very relieved when the customer came back to the store to say he had recovered and I’m glad I was able to help.”

Store manager Alan Butler said: “We are all immensely proud of Donna. Her swift actions meant the customer could get the medical care he needed.

“We were so glad to hear he had recovered. Thank you Donna for your exceptional service!”

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