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Grandparents 'offer heartfelt thanks' to Jonathan and Ceri for making autistic boy's day

December 30, 2022 01:04pm
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"If all shops were like this how much happier shopping with a disabled child would be" – that's what the grandparents of a seven-year-old boy said after Jonathan Watkins and Ceri Murphy from our Caerphilly store went out of their way to give him the best possible shopping experience.

After hearing how much he loves shopping at Asda, they made the autistic boy's day by giving him his own Asda badge, T-shirt and lanyard to go with the wooden toy shop his grandparents were buying him for Christmas.

The customers wrote to the store to thank Jonathan and Ceri for their kindness.

They wrote: "We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to your staff at Asda Caerphilly who went the extra mile to make a little boy happy. If all shops were like this how much happier shopping with a disabled child would be."

They said that while they were at the checkout they got talking to colleagues and told them that their grandson loved going to Asda and that they had taught him how to load his trolley and scan his shopping.

Ceri and Jonathan said they would arrange for the boy to have his own badge and they would leave it at customer services for the family to collect.

The grandparents said: "When we went to get the badge not only was there a badge with his name on but also a button badge, a T-shirt and an Asda lanyard.

Karl Rosen, the store's operations manager, has nominated section leader Jonathan and front-and colleague Ceri for Asda service superstar awards for their kindness. He says the whole store is proud them.

Karl said: "It's great when we receive letters and positive feedback from our customers, but this one feels that bit more special – conversing so well with the customer to start but then taking it to another level of wow.

"It's such a busy job working in Asda but finding the time to make the experience great for the customer should never be forgotten.

"Jonno and Ceri did such a great job with that for this customer, so I'm very proud. What they did for this little boy went above and beyond."

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