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Furry-tail ending as Lynn from Worsborough reunites stray dog with owner

January 19, 2023 03:56pm
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We all love a "tail" with a happy ending: When animal-loving colleague Lynn Mckenning found a scared dog running around the foyer of our Worsbrough supermarket near Barnsley she took to Facebook for help and managed to reunite the pooch with its grateful owner.

Lynn Mckenning returned a dog found at Asda Worsbrough to its owner

The dog, which lives nearby, had escaped when the gate at its home was accidentally left open and followed a customer into the store.

Service section leader Lynn, who has two dogs herself, said: "The dog had somehow followed someone into our store. She was friendly, but a bit scared as she was shaking a bit. It looked to me as if she'd just had pups. We got her some food and water and then I took a photo of her and put it on my Facebook page.

"It got shared 950 times and someone spotted it and got hold of the owner, who's a regular customer, who came in for her.

"Someone had left the gate open of their house and she'd run off. Thankfully it had a very happy ending and the owner was extremely grateful.

"We love dogs around here so I was glad to be able to help."

Lynn's actions has now led to her being nominated for an Asda service superstar award by store manager Andrew Thompson.

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