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'They couldn't do enough to help' – colleagues thanked for helping customer who had a seizure

January 24, 2023 11:03am
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Quick-thinking colleagues Christina Orr and Sue Freeman from our Darlington Neasham Road supermarket have been thanked by the grateful wife of a customer who had an epileptic seizure while out shopping.

Christina Orr and Sue Freeman from Asda Darlington Neasham Road supermarket

Leanne McLean said if wasn't for their actions her 42-year-old husband Iain could very easily have been badly injured.

She said: "My husband and I were just at Christina's till and putting the shopping through when I looked over at Iain and just knew he was going to have one of his seizures. Unfortunately they are a regular occurrence despite being on medication.

"I said to Christina what was happening and we both ran round to Iain to hold him up so he wouldn't crash down on the floor – on one occasion when he'd been out walking on his own he'd had a seizure and fell awkwardly on the ground breaking his collar bone.

"Christina shouted for Sue to quickly grab a wheelchair which she did and brought it round for Iain to sit in. Thankfully the seizure only lasted a few minutes and he was fine."

The colleagues put the rest of the shopping through the checkout and then Christina helped Leanne and Iain to their car.

Leanne posted on the You Know You're From Darlo WhenFacebook group to thank Christina and Sue, and said: "We can't thank them enough for what they did. They couldn't do enough to help.

"Everyone is so friendly when we go into the store and Christina, in particular, is always very happy and helpful. It's so nice to get good customer service these days."

Sasha Thompson, the store's assistant manager, nominated the colleagues for Asda service superstar awards and said the whole store was proud of them.

She said: "They are so hardworking and always come in with a smile on their faces. What they did to help this gentleman was exactly what we'd expect from them."

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