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Optical colleague Harry from Adel helps customer with suspected heart attack

January 27, 2023 02:38pm
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Harry Evans from our Adel store in Leeds has been praised for his quick thinking and prompt actions after a customer in his 30s suffered a suspected heart attack while at the store's optical department.

Harry Evans and Joel Turner from Asda Adel

When first-aider Harry realised that the gentleman was having chest pains, had difficulty breathing and was nauseous and clammy he sat him down and got him comfortable before phoning 999 for an ambulance giving all the vital information the call handler needed.

He also grabbed a defibrillator, in case he needed to use it, then sat and chatted with the customer for about half an hour, keeping him calm and reassured until the paramedics came and took him to hospital.

Harry, who's 24 and has worked in the store for three years, said: "He wasn't in the good way and it had come completely out of the blue. When he said he had pains in his chest I knew something was obviously wrong.

"I made him comfortable, took his coat off, and tried to relax him and got him some water too. He was really worried and it was scary for him. He was only in his 30s so you don't expect anything like this to happen.

"I was just talking to him to keep him conscious until the paramedics arrived who said it was a suspected heart attack.

"He was taken to hospital and released and thankfully he's doing okay now. I'm just glad I was able to help."

Harry, who works in the opticians and the customer service desk, has been nominated for an Asda service superstar award by store manager Joel Turner who says everyone at the store is so proud of him.

Joel, pictured here with Harry, said: "It was outstanding from Harry to react so quickly. Getting the ambulance to the store and getting the customer comfortable was all down to him.

"The situation could have had a different ending if it wasn't for Harry. We are all so proud of what he did.

"Harry is such a friendly, happy colleague, who is always smiling. He always goes the extra mile. Everyone here loves him."

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