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Meet the triplets putting smiles on customers' faces at Asda Llandudno

February 17, 2023 11:23 AM

Two-year-old triplets Mia, Millie and Molly-mae Moonan-Shirajudin love their regular visits to our Llandudno store with mum Ashleigh, dad Chris and big sister Layla – often coming dressed up in their Asda aprons and with their own toy Asda trolleys.

The store's community champion Rachel Carey loves seeing the triplets so, after hearing how much they love Asda, she gave the girls their own lanyards and name badges and arranged for the girls to have a go on the checkouts.

Rachel said: "When the girls came into the store with their amazing big sister Layla I did have to triple check! How adorable they looked.

"They were so excited and ready to do a full shop with their toy Asda trolleys. Hopefully, see them in store again very soon. It was so very lovely to meet them all what an amazing family."

Ashleigh, who lives in Rhos on Sea, said: "They got their Asda trolleys for their birthdays in October. They got a little Asda shop too, with little aprons. They love playing with their trolleys and prams. They like putting things in them and pushing them around.

"They love to just copy us when we are in the store. They like to feel big, I think. I let them pick a few things up while they are in the shop such as a punnet of raspberries each or a toy.

"We follow them around the aisles – we try to have one each to follow incase they go off in different directions! They love it though. It gives them something to do so they don't get bored.

"They get a lot of looks from people and everyone stops to say hello. It does put a smile on their faces.

Ashleigh, who had the girls through IVF treatment, said: "We always dress the triplets the same. They get on really well most of the time, but they are all different personalities.

"They are well behaved but it's hard work, especially when you take them out. I can tell the difference with them, but a lot of people find it difficult. They sound different so you can tell when they are talking.

"They go to a local playgroup two mornings a week just to give me a break and let me get stuff done in the house, otherwise I don't get a chance to do anything!"