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Colleagues from Asda Barons Quay smash window to rescue newborn baby locked in car

March 7, 2023 04:22pm
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Mum Rachel Holland has thanked security colleague Adam Duncalf and service manager Kelly Eley from our Barons Quay store in Northwich for coming to her rescue when she was locked out of her car with her six-week-old baby daughter Harper still inside.

Rachel, who regularly shops at the store, posted on the local Facebook group Northwich Life to give "massive thanks" to the colleagues and customers who rallied round to help her.

She said: "There was so much help and support from people, from phone borrowing, going into Asda to get help and just generally being there as support to spot where was best to break the window.

"On that note a particularly massive thank you to Adam and Kelly who smashed the window with a hammer and opened my car door so I was able to get in and get to my baby.

"Not only were they an obvious physical help in getting into the car, but they were fantastic emotionally as well. They could see the obvious distress I was in and were so kind and compassionate and made sure I was okay before I left and even offered for me to go inside for a drink before I drove home.

"I honestly am eternally grateful for everyone that was there and my little one is completely and utterly oblivious to all the drama and upset."

Rachel, who has another child, Archie, who's seven, said she was getting rid of her old car and buying a new one.

She said: "It really was a freak accident and we still don't know how it managed to lock itself. I'd put Harper in the back seat in her car seat, put my phone and car keys on the front seat and then went round to the boot to put the shopping in but it was knocked. I went to get my car keys but all the doors had locked! I really did start to panic. Harper was only in the car for ten minutes but it seemed like hours. At least we'll have a story to tell her when she's older."

Twenty-five-year-old Adam, who has three young children himself including a 10-month-old baby Miyah, said: "Someone came running into the store to say what had happened and I just left what I was doing grabbed a hammer and got Kelly.

"Rachel was very distressed and Kelly was reassuring her. I asked Rachel for permission to smash a small window which I did and then Kelly put her arm through and unlocked the door and we got the baby out. Thankfully she was absolutely fine."

Adam then temporarily covered the broken window with cardboard and tape so Rachel and Harper could drive home.

Store manager Jonathon Edwards said: "I'm proud of both my colleagues helping the distressed mother rescue her newborn baby. Both are parents so totally understood the situation. The mother was very grateful."

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