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Thornaby home shopping driver Jimmy makes wooden T-Rex for customer's dinosaur-mad son

March 8, 2023 09:06am
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Three-year-old Sonny Reilly – who loves dinosaurs – couldn't believe it when home shopping driver Jimmy Anderson from our Thornaby store turned up at his home on his birthday to give him a fantastic wooden T-Rex that he'd made.

Fifty-eight-year-old Jimmy, who has three grown-up children and nine grandchildren, has been making the intricately-crafted wooden sculptures and plaques for family and friends since the start of the pandemic three years ago.

Jimmy said: "When I first delivered to Sonny's house he came out growling at me and putting his hands up, like claws. And I said 'what are you?' and he said he was a T-Rex and his mum said he was absolutely dinosaur mad. I told Sonny I made T-Rexes, so I showed him one on my phone and his mouth dropped open.

"I said if he was really, really good I'd make him one. He has a little sister too, Sydney, who likes witches and she was flying around the house on a 'broomstick' when I visited, so I made her wooden witch as well so she didn't feel left out.

"I like to see the reactions on the kids' faces. It costs nothing to be nice."

Jimmy, who's been with his partner Pauline Adams for 22 years, said: "I started doing it really when Covid struck, out of boredom. I'd always mucked around doing woodwork but thought I'd try something different.

"I basically print patterns off, any type of design and then I cut them out using a fine-toothed scroll saw. I make light boards, where I cut animals out such as giraffes and elephants, and I do name plaques. Whatever takes me fancy really. I do it in my spare time – it keeps me out of trouble. I've made hundreds of things for family and friends over the years."

Sonny's mum Jay Reilly, who lives in Acklam, Middlesbrough, took to Facebook to thank Jimmy for his kindness.

She said: "The other day when I had my shopping delivered from Asda, Jimmy, the man who dropped our shopping off, was talking to Sonny about dinosaurs. Sonny lives and breathes dinosaurs. He's mad about them.

"Jimmy told Sonny that he made things out of wood and if he thought on he would make him one and drop it off. Anyway, I’d totally forgot about it then we got a knock at the door and it was Jimmy with the T-Rex he'd made for Sonny.

"Honestly, this has melted me that he went out of his way for him. It was such a gorgeous thing to do, a very kind gesture. So thoughtful. It just shows that there are still some really kind people out there. Thank you Jimmy, you’ve made a little boy very happy."

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