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Tressa from Asda Llanelli looks after elderly lady for an hour after she collapsed in car park

March 9, 2023 02:18pm
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Thank you to home shopping colleague Tressa Sadler-Griffiths from our Llanelli Murray Street store who spent an hour caring for a customer in her late 80s after she collapsed in the car park.

Tressa had just finished her shift when she was told about the customer who'd been shopping with her two elderly sisters and was about to get into her car.

Head of security Christian Hardy called for an ambulance while his colleague Ashley Nurfe got a pillow and duvet for the lady to keep her warm and comfortable.

Treesa, who's 55 and has worked in the store for 24 years, said: "It was quite scary for her. I held her hand and just talked about all sorts of things really, mainly family, to pass the time away. The floor was wet and my trousers were soaking!

"I did it because it could have been my grandmother. I would have hoped that someone would have done the same for my gran. It wasn't just me there though. I can't take all the credit – it was a team effort."

While they waited for an ambulance, the lady's daughter, who's a trained nurse, arrived. She decided to take her mum to Prince Philip Hospital in her car to be checked over. Her mum was later allowed home and has since been back shopping in the store.

The family sent a card to the "Asda car park rescue team" thanking everyone for their help.

They said: "We would like to convey our grateful thanks to the wonderful Asda staff. You were all so very kind and considerate. Thank you so much once again. Asda's team went beyond the line of duty. PS: After a check up, all's well. Back shopping this week."

Store manager Donna Lewis, who was working that day and looked after the lady's sisters, has nominated Tressa for an Asda service superstar award.

She said: "Tressa was absolutely amazing; she has a heart of gold. She really is a remarkable lady. Our colleagues are very special because they really care."

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