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Happy Mother's Day to Marna who works with her two daughters at Asda Cumnock

March 16, 2023 11:37am
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Ahead of Mother's Day our colleague Marna McLellan says she couldn't be more proud of her daughters Charlie and Abbie Wilson who both work alongside her at our Cumnock store

Forty-four-year-old Marna worked in Asda Ayr for three years before clocking up 12 years of service at Asda Cumnock.

Commenting on what it’s like to work with her two daughters, she said:

“We all love working at Asda, it’s a family friendly company who always look out for their staff. I’m proud to be able to work with my two daughters and we really enjoy it!

“I started off working at the Ayr store for three years and it was lovely to watch Charlie on a similar path. She was about to begin her career in Ayr and then transferred to Cumnock just like me. It’s the best place to build up as much experience as possible and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

“I’m so proud of my daughters for everything they have done, and it’s extra special that I get to work with them as well. Although we don’t see each other often on our shifts, it’s always comforting when we do and sometimes we can have lunch together which is great.”

Daughter Charlie, 24, started off at the Asda Ayr store before transferring to Asda Cumnock five years ago where she works as a markdown colleague four nights a week.

Charlie said: “After five years of working at Asda Cumnock, I still love it! It’s nice to work with your close relatives but we have built a family within the store as well. All of my colleagues are brilliant, and I’m proud to work alongside them.”

Charlie took a year out of studying to work at Asda and decided it was the job for her.

She added: “I only expected to take a year out of studying to work at Asda and then go back but I enjoyed it so much I gave up my studies and decided to stay here. I know I’ll be able to have a good career at Asda, just like my mum.

“I was delighted to join the Cumnock store as I knew my mum loved it so I would too!”

Abbie, who's 17, was the most recent addition to the Asda Cumnock family, following in her mum and sister’s footsteps working as an ambient colleague in the evenings.

Abbie said: “I really enjoy working for Asda! When the role was advertised, I knew I had to apply as my mum and sister always said how much of a great place it is to work.

“I’m still in school, with the hopes of going to college to be a nursery teacher in the future however, I see myself working at Asda for a good while.

“Working with Charlie and my mum is great because I always have someone to turn to and ask for help if I ever need it. We have such a lovely team who really care too.”

Store manager Sean Scott, said: “It’s an absolute pleasure to work with Marna, Charlie and Abbie! We love having them as part of our Cumnock family. Although they work in different areas of the store, they always look out for each other.

“They’re very close and bring a lot of positivity to the store, offering an extra hand when we need it and always going above and beyond for our customers.”

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