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Colleagues at Asda Downpatrick help loyal customers celebrate their diamond wedding

March 23, 2023 09:10am
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When colleagues at our Downpatrick store found out that regular customers Jim and Mary Madine were celebrating their diamond wedding they surprised them with a bouquet of flowers and a card to celebrate.

The couple, who are 85 and 80 and live in Ballynahinch, have been shopping at the store since it opened more than 15 years ago.

Store manager Ciara Smyth said: "During one of their trips into store, Jim mentioned to a colleague he wanted to buy the local newspaper as there was an article covering their 60th wedding anniversary. When I heard this, I knew we had to do something to celebrate this amazing couple, who are so important to us at Asda Downpatrick. I remember my first week everyone was talking about them, and when I finally got to meet them, they really lived up to my expectations - they were so friendly and kind.

“Congratulations Jim and Mary on your 60th wedding anniversary and here’s to many more years together shopping in Asda Downpatrick!”

Jim said: “The staff at Asda Downpatrick are truly the best. It is always such a pleasure to go to the store as I have never met a warmer and more welcoming bunch of people who are a true credit to Asda.

“Mary and I shop in Asda every other Tuesday and the staff there always have time for us – whether it’s helping us find what we need or if it’s just a catch up, they’re always there. We have been shopping in Asda Downpatrick since it first opened over 15 years ago and even though there are supermarkets close to us in Ballynahinch, we will always shop at Asda Downpatrick.

“Ciara has done such a great job as store manager and she has always been so good to Mary and I. Linda Owens, the community champion at the store, is also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. You genuinely couldn’t meet a kinder woman, she really is the best!

"The staff made us feel so special when they brought out the card and flowers for our 60th wedding anniversary. Thank you so much to all the staff for all your support and kindness over the years, it means so much!”

Linda added: “Mary and Jim are the loveliest couple and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing them since my first day 13 years ago! They come in every other week, and they always make our day brighter. They make sure to speak to every colleague that’s working in store, and they don’t leave until they say hello to everyone! Congratulations Mary and Jim on your diamond wedding!”

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